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Dress Code

All students are required to follow the Dress Code each class day.



  • Students should wear a Three Oaks Academy Uniform Shirt each class day. 

  • Uniform Shirts may be ordered through the Three Oaks Academy Office, including:

    • Polo Shirt $20​

    • Sweatshirt $30



  • Khaki pants

  • Blue jeans

    • Denim/jeans cannot have holes, rips, logos, patches, designs, or splotches/fading designs. 

  • Shorts of modest length (should reach the knee), either khaki or denim.

  • Girls may wear khaki or denim skirts or jumpers of modest length (should reach the knee) with leggings or shorts worn underneath.


  • Rubber-soled, closed-toe shoes are recommended due to Recess/Games/Activities. 


  • An extra set of clothing may be sent in your child’s backpack, to be available if needed. 

  • Extra clothing must be labeled with the student’s name and will remain in their backpack.  Extra clothing may not be stored on-site.



  • Students will need one oversized t-shirt that may be worn as a smock to cover their clothing during arts and crafts activities, which should be labeled with the student’s name. 

  • Instructors will communicate when the smock should be sent in for class.


Leggings/jeggings/yoga pants are not permitted other than leggings worn under skirts/jumpers.

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