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All tutorial courses make use of Abeka curriculum. The appropriate grade-level Child/Student Kit, as listed, will be required for each student to participate in the Three Oaks Academy tutorial courses. Parents are responsible for purchasing the required curriculum for in-class use and take-home assignments as assigned by instructors. 


Families may also wish to purchase answer key books and/or parent manuals for the curriculum, which are available packaged in a grade-level Parent Kit or by individual subject, for use with in-home assignments and instruction on non-class days.


Information as shown below is from the Abeka website for your convenience and reference in selecting the correct materials, however, you may choose where you purchase your curriculum. Three Oaks Academy does not sell curriculum.

* From the Abeka website, use the filter to select “Homeschool” then your student’s grade level, then under “Products” select “Full Grade Kits.”  Both the Child Kit and the corresponding Parent Kit options should then display.  Once you click on the Kit, you will select “Bound” for the Binding option.  Pre-K will select “Manuscript” while Kindergarten and 1st Grade will select “Cursive” for the Handwriting Option.

* Parent Kit Note: Families choosing to purchase the Parent Kit corresponding with their student's grade-level Child/Student Kit may decide between the Essentials Kit or the Complete Kit options if they are choosing to purchase a Parent Kit for in-home use.


K4 Child Kit

Bound Version


(shows under the Kindergarten option)

2nd Grade

Grade 2 Child Kit

Bound Version


K5 Child Kit

Bound Version


3rd Grade

Grade 3 Child Kit

Bound Version

1st Grade

Grade 1 Child Kit

Bound Version


4th Grade

Grade 4 Child Kit

Bound Version

5th Grade

Grade 5 Child Kit

Bound Version

6th Grade

Grade 6 Child Kit

Bound Version

7th Grade

Grade 7 Homeschool Student Kit

Bound Version


8th Grade

Grade 8 Homeschool Student Kit

Bound Version

Tutorial courses are designed to provide classroom instruction two days each week to supplement in-home learning.


Curriculum and materials selected for in-home instruction are at the discretion of the parent.  Parents may choose to purchase the Abeka Parent Kits (either Essential or Complete), or individual answer keys and/or manuals for any of the curriculum required by Three Oaks Academy for use with their own in-home assignments and instruction. Three Oaks Academy will grade all schoolwork assigned by the Academy instructors and also offers complimentary grading services for all English Language Arts and Math schoolwork assigned by parents at home.


English Language Arts and Math – Lessons, projects, and quizzes from the required curriculum that are assigned in class by will be graded by staff.  Quizzes and tests may be assigned by the instructor for students to complete at home and returned for grading to make the most efficient use of classroom time. Instructors may also pull specific quizzes and/or lessons from the curriculum to hold at the Academy for completion in class on scheduled dates.


History and Science – Instructors will lead students in lessons, projects, and activities from the required curriculum, with grades based on engagement and participation.  Three Oaks Academy will not have individually graded assignments in these courses.

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